Thank you for re-opening our vistas.

Angela and Peter Bradbury
London - Sep 2012

I was very impressed by your very professional and caring staff who had time to answer all the questions that we had, thank you.

Valerie Voakes
Bognor Regis - Aug 2012

I have found London Eye Hospital to be a most professional and reliable establishment which is so re-assuring. I am overjoyed with my treatment and the results so far brought about by an exceptional surgeon and caring staff. Thank you.

Leicester - July 2012

I chose the LAL as it was the first suitable treatment for my eyes as I had tried to rid myself of glasses. My overall impression of the London Eye Hospital is very good and my vision is now amazing. Everyone is different- results and expectations vary. I would advise people to understand as much as possible beforehand. Being able to see again makes you feel rejuvenated and back in the world. Not to worry about the operations, they are painless. Wearing the glasses and all the drops are a bit of a pain, but a very small price to pay for the results. Mr Qureshi was very charming and felt very confident of all he said and did. Also anaethsetist was very competent and reassuring.
Sara Watson
Windsor - Apr 2011


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