I found the London Eye Hospital after an internet search and wanted to be free from my glasses which I found very uncomfortable to use. Mr Bobby Qureshi is helpful, professional, everything you would expect from a leading eye specialist. The vision after surgery is very good, I can read even the smallest print without glasses. I have good vision at all distances. The operation itself is painless. Discuss with Mr Qureshi all of your options, I am satisfied that I chose the LAL, I go about my daily activities without even worrying about my vision. Everything is crystal clear.

Michael O'Hagan
Rugby - Sep 2010

Mr Bobby Qureshi is fabulous, make sure you leave enough time for the adjustments as you can be waiting a few hours sometimes but in the end it will be all worth it.

Mrs Zara Green
Middlesex - Sep 2010

I chose LAL as laser treatment was not suitable but LAL was. The London Eye Hospital is very friendly, efficient and professional. My vision is fantastic; I do not need contact lenses or glasses ever for reading. Patients should have it done a.s.a.p.

Anne Sellars
Manchester - Jul 2010

I heard about Mr Bobby Qureshi on Radio 2’s Drive Time. The London Eye Hospital staff are very nice and friendly. I found Mr Bobby Qureshi to be a very nice approachable person with a quiet but reassuring manner. I would recommend anyone to go ahead. It can be life changing for some people.

Mrs Angela Burgess
Berkshire - Jul 2010


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