I found the London Eye Hospital and Mr Bobby Qureshi excellent, my vision is much improved and I am very happy with the procedure. I would recommend anyone suitable to go for it!

Mr Roger Field
Berkshire - Dec 2010

I heard about the London Eye Hospital from the BBC and chose the LAL because if I had to have a cataract operation I wanted the best possible end result. On a technical level the expertise of Mr Bobby Qureshi is incredible, he is very approachable, instils confidence and overall an excellent surgeon. The building is comfortable and pleasant and Anne-Marie and Margaret are very helpful. My vision is incredible – I can see the clock on my bedside table when I wake up for the first time ever, it’s just great. I would recommend the LAL without hesitation in terms of the end result. Thank you for my wonderful eyesight, my regular optician is amazed and I am very satisfied.

Mrs Jessica Smith
Oxon - Nov 2010

I was diagnosed with cataracts and chose LAL as they offered a solution plus the added benefit of not wearing spectacles.  Mr Bobby Qureshi is efficient and approachable. I can see perfectly now and would advise patients to go for it!

Cuckfield - Nov 2010

I had laser treatment in 2001 but the procedure did not work out for me as it left me with astigmatism. Mr Bobby Qureshi is charming and laid back. My astigmatism upclose has vastly improved after LAL surgery.
John Comer
Swindon - Nov 2010


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