I chose lens implants as I was tired with the others methods of sight correction. The London Eye Hospital is excellent as is Mr Qureshi. My vision is great and I would recommend any patient to go for it.

David Humphrey
Kent - Mar 2011

The Light Adjustable Lens seemed a far more effective treatment than what is available on the NHS. The London Eye Hospital is very efficient and Mr Bobby Qureshi is very knowledgeable and friendly and efficient. The vision is a whole world of colour and clarity which I had forgotten existed. My advice to anyone is do not hesitate.
Natalie Jacobs
Bedford - Feb 2011

I caught the end of a news report on radio 2 Drive time and wrote down the words "new macromer" and "London Eye Hospital". About 9 months later some friends told me about the article in the Daily Mail. Within 5 years I had to have cataracts removed, one only had the operation once and I wanted the latest and best options for my eyes. The possibility of no more lenses and maybe reading glasses for small print only was the attraction. The London Eye Hospital is an excellent mix of professionalism mixed with approachability and care for the needs of the individual- very refreshing. Mr Qureshi is professional yet unassuming. From the initial consultation the impression gained was he is the master of his profession, always willing to provide as much information as requested. Bearing in mind I have a lazy eye and wore glasses since I was a toddler, I never dreamed of perfect sight, but for me that’s what has been achieved. A standard far better than contacts gave me and only glasses for miniscule print! Definitely have LAL is my advice. The end result for me was more than I have ever dreamt. The London Eye Hospital made the daunting prospect of surgery to the eyes as pleasant and successful an experience as possible.
Jill Bromley - Fox
Cornwall - Jan 2011

My overall impression of the London Eye Hospital is very good. Mr Bobby Qureshi is very informative and unlike a ‘salesman’ as I had found with others. He is helpful and reassuring. My vision is excellent and I would advise any patient to go ahead!

Mr Alan Courtney
London - Dec 2010


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