Magnifying Implants IOLVIP - IOL Revolution

These implants are suitable for patients with dry home magnifying_implantsAMD or patients with established wet AMD and offer hope to significantly improve the central vision. The procedure involves two small lenses being inserted into the eye. Together they act like a miniature telescope, slightly magnifying the image and moving it to a healthier part of the retina.The healthy retina takes over the role of the macula and can give the AMD patient significantly improved vision.

The potential improvement in vision can be tested during your consultation using a special simulator. This can demonstrate the effect of the implants so patients can get an impression of the possible improvement in vision before the operation. Some simple exercises after the operation can further help to reinforce the improvement achieved.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and there is no need to stay overnight in hospital. The IOL-AMD lens helps to improve vision in patients with AMD but can also help patients with other macular holes, myopic degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or hereditary retinal diseases such as Stargardt’s or Best’s disease.

The original IOL-VIP lenses were designed so that one of the lenses was inserted close to the cornea. In a small percentage of patients this resulted in damage to the cornea with risk of requiring a corneal transplant years after the surgery. There was also a small chance of devloping glaucoma with the IOL-VIP lenses and a separate procedure was necessary at the time of surgery to reduce this risk. It was also found that the amount the image was moved could not be accurately predicted in some patients.

The new generation IOL-AMD lens is safer than the IOL-VIP as both lenses are placed within the capsular bag away from the cornea. This helps to maintain a healthy cornea and the chance of developing glaucoma is also vastly reduced. If your AMD progresses the new IOL-AMD lens can be easily rotated to move the image to a healthier part of the retina. The technological advancement with these lenses also results in a more accurate displacement of the image in all individuals.

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