One of the areas of specialism at London Eye Hospital is Intra Occular Lens (IOL) implants. Unlike many other health care providers we are completely open and transparent about the lens we choose to use. We have access to every lens on the market, in some cases we have pioneered the surgery in the UK. Although we have experience of all lens that are available we only choose to use the best for our patients. In some cases where a patient has very individual requirements we will have a bespoke lens manufactured just for them. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality lenses, with the best surgeons designed around achieving the best results for our patients.

Below are details of some of the lens we currently recommend:

Light Adjustable Lens
Trifocal Lens
Accommodating Lens
Multifocal Lens
Magnifying Implants IOLVIP - IOL Revolution
CentraSight® and Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT)

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