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London Eye Hospital Laser Eye Surgery offer Lasik Xtra as standard for all lasik laser eye surgery treatments. We are the only centre in the UK offering this gold standard in laser eye treatment available to all our patients.

What is Lasik Xtra?

Lasik Xtra cross-links the collagen fibers within the cornea, adding new biomechanical strength. In the last decade, clinical studies around the world have demonstrated that corneal biomechanical strengthening with cross-linking stops progression of diseases that weaken the cornea and at the same time improves vision.
In conjunction with a Lasik procedure, added biomechanical strength may eliminate the need for a Lasik enhancement (standard Lasik treatments can require re-treatments) and may also extend the longevity of the Lasik correction so you can see better for longer.

The combination of UV light and riboflavin causes the collagen fibers that make up the framework of the cornea to become substantially stiffer. The result is a stronger, more rigid cornea.

The Procedure

Lasik Xtra is a simple treatment performed in conjunction with Lasik that adds just a few extra minutes to the Lasik treatment and requires no extra doctor visits. In a few minutes, during your Lasik procedure, Lasik Xtra will add biomechanical strength to your cornea, enhancing the power of Lasik by helping you see better for longer.

Lasik Xtra uses Ultraviolet A (UVA) light and riboflavin (vitamin B) eye drops to strengthen the cornea.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) is one of the three types of invisible light rays given off by the sun (together with ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C) and is the weakest of the three.

Riboflavin (vitamin B) is important for body growth, red blood cell production and helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates. Its food sources include: Dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, lean meats, legumes, milk nuts. Breads and cereals are often fortified with riboflavin.

Why Lasik Xtra?

Performing Lasik Xtra during Lasik or other refractive procedures like PRK adds new biomechanical strength to the cornea. Added biomechanical strength may eliminate the need for an enhancement following a refractive correction procedure (Lasik, PRK, Lasek, etc.) and may also extend the longevity of the refractive correction.

Over 50,000 eyes have been treated with Lasik Xtra round the world and it is now offered in more than 40 countries with London Eye Hospital launching this treatment in the United Kingdom.
London Eye Hospital offers Lasik Xtra to all their refractive patients, all patients can benefit and it particularly helps high myopic correction or hyperopic correction, borderline corneal thickness; or other conditions or family history that the doctor believes would benefit from added corneal strength through Lasik Xtra.

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