Humphrey Visual Fields

What is it?
Visual field screening (perimetry) is used to assess your peripheral vision. This is particularly useful in conditions affecting the eye, optic nerve (glaucoma) and brain (tumours).

The different visual field tests we offer include:
Central 30-2
Central 24-2
Central 10-2
Peripheral 60-4

C-40 Screening
C-64 Screening
C-76 Screening
C-80 Screening

Esterman Binocular for DVLA
P-60 Screening
FF-81 Screening
FF-120 Screening
FF-135 Screening
FF-246 Screening
Superior 36 Screening
Superior 64 Screening
C-Armaly Screening
Nasal Step Screening
FF-Armaly Screening

Threshold tests:
Central 30-2
Central 24-2
Central 10-2
Peripheral 60-4
Nasal step

How is it done?
At the London Eye Hospital we use the gold standard in visual field screeners – the Humphrey Visual Field Analyser. The test involves placing your chin on the instrument chin rest and fixating a central yellow light. You then press a button when you detect flashes of white light on the surrounding bowl shaped screen. There are several different tests that can be performed on this screener – your consultant will select the most appropriate type. On average this test takes 5-10 minutes per eye. As well as mapping your peripheral vision the sensitivity of the eye to differing intensities of light is also measured.

Before your appointment:
This test can be performed wearing your contact lenses or reading glasses if you use them.

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