Fundus Photography

What is it?
This is an imaging technique used to take photographs of the retina. This is useful to monitor the progression of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

At the London Eye Hospital we use the state of the art Carl Zeiss Visucam 500. This is able to take the following types of photos:
Red free
Blue free
Macular pigment optical density
ICG angiography

How is it done?
You place your chin on the instrument chin rest and fixate a target light within the instrument lens. Several images are captured within a few minutes. You will see a bright flash of light as each image is taken which may dazzle your eyes for a few minutes. Occasionally dilating drops may need to be used prior to fundus photography especially for patients with small pupils.

Before your appointment:
Please do not wear contact lenses to your appointment in case we need to instil dilating eye drops. You may not be able to drive home from your appointment if dilating drops are required.

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