Cataract Surgery

phaco_oldThe only way to see clearly after cataracts develop is to have them removed and replaced by an intraocular lens implant to restore vision. It is a safe and commonly performed medical procedure. Worldwide over 15 millions procedures are carried out in each year.

Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes only 15-30minutes.The eye is most commonly numbed by topical anaesthesia making the procedure virtually painless without using any needle injections. A tiny incision as small as 1.4mm is made at the edge of the cornea and through this the natural lens (cataract) is gently broken up and removed. Micro-incision cataract surgery usually refers to an incision of about 2.85mm.phaco_new This is Ultra small incision surgery where the implant is injected through a fine cannula and opens up inside the eye.

The new lens implant is then positioned in the same space the naturallens occupied. You will be allowed to go home soon afterwards where you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Most people can resume their daily activities in a day or so.

Everyone heals at a different rate but in most cases vision is improved within 24 hours and continues to improve as your eye heals and you become more accustomed to using your new lens.

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